15 Million iPhone 5 Coming in September, iPhone 4 Price Slashed by Verizon?

For every rumor of Apple not coming out with a new iPhone 5 this year – and will surprise the market with an iPhone 4S instead – there’s always another rumor to counter it. This time – apparently Apple is already ordering millions of iPhone 5 from a Taiwan based manufacturer.

15 Million iPhone 5 Coming in September, iPhone 4 Price Slashed by Verizon? iPhone 5

According to DigiTimes, the company has placed an order for 15 million of iPhone 5 from Pegatron. Notice something different about the manufacturer? If this rumor holds up, it means Apple will abandon its long-time partner, Foxconn. Pegatron isn’t really new to Apple though, as it’s been manufacturing the CDMA version of iPhone 4 for Apple.

As reported by Ars Technica, the upcoming iPhone 5 won’t be that radically different than the current one – as far as the exterior of the phone is concerned. Like most things, where it’s the inside that counts, we can expect iPhone 5 to be powered by a dual core A5 processor a la iPad 2. If that doesn’t sound exciting enough – how about they throw in a 3.7 to 3.8-inch screen and an 8-megapixel camera? What’s more — it is possible that the iPhone 5 will come in dual-mode GSM and CDMA.

Coinciding nicely with the rumors, it appears Verizon is on the verge of slashing the price of iPhone 4 to $150, as well as other Android smartphones like HTC Thunderbolt. It is not yet confirmed though and the supposed leaked marketing material picture may just be the work of someone who had too much Photoshop time on their hands.

[via TiPb
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  1. Hasifa luyirika

    I phone 4 is surely magnificent.we hope 1 phone 5 has a better battery life.

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