Amazon Officially Releases Kindle with Special Offers

It’s rather odd to think that in the year 2011, an electronic product that’s only available in grayscale color still sells like hotcakes. Understandably, it is backed by a certain company that runs the world’s largest online marketplace.  Not that there’s anything wrong with the Amazon Kindle – because it really does a great job in providing a comfortable alternative to traditional reading material. If you’re gravitating toward the low price that Amazon has been offering for the Kindle 3 – the company is about to take it down a notch moreAmazon Officially Releases Kindle with Special Offers – but there’s a small catch.


The new Kindle 3 launched recentlyAmazon Officially Releases Kindle with Special Offers by Amazon will set you back about $114. The trade-off for the lowered price is that the device will come with sponsored ads – or what Amazon is calling as the AdMash program. What’s unique about the AdMash is that it allows the readers to choose what kind of ads they would like to see in all their grayscale glory.

If the idea of the ads-supported Kindle raises one of your eyebrows – you’re not the only one. But Amazon has promised that the ads will not hinder the reading experience, because they will only show up when the screensaver is on. There will also be ads on the bottom screen of your Kindle, but there will be none of those annoying pop-up ads obstructing your view as you’re reading the last page of your Twilight e-books.

To sweeten the deal even more, Amazon will also throw in some bonuses if you get the new Kindle modelAmazon Officially Releases Kindle with Special Offers — which includes a $20 gift card, reduced prices for Audible Books, and a special $1 price for any MP3 album sold on Amazon.

Do you think the $25 price cut from the original price of the Kindle justifies having readers being subjected to ads in this already materialistic world? You know what, we really don’t mind.

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