Amazon’s Kindle Book Reader To Be Sold By Waterstones

United Kingdom bookseller Waterstones is getting all ready to sell Amazon’s book reading device Kindle. Along with this, it will also be launching other Kindle services. Waterstones has said that this deal will come under its current store refurbishments in the United Kingdom in which it is creating dedicated areas for digital books, provide free wireless internet and also open new coffee shops for customers.Amazons Kindle Book Reader To Be Sold By Waterstones 220px Amazon Kindle 3 203x300

Waterstones is United Kingdom’s largest bookseller with more than 300 stores in its name. Last month also same kind of deal took place in which US based bookseller Barnes and Noble joined hands with Microsoft to develop their own digital book reader. Microsoft has invested a figure around $300 million in the joint venture.

Amazons Kindle Book Reader To Be Sold By Waterstones Waterstones shop 300x198Along with reading books, the Kindle device will allow customers to browse books online and also avail Waterstones special schemes and offers. Waterstones has had to make this deal because readers today are downloading eBooks rather than going to the store and buying them and as they say, if can’t beat them, then join them.

This is why Waterstones has allied with Amazon, one of the largest communities online in this joint venture. The Kindle device has a huge share in online book reading in the United Kingdom and this deal will allow Waterstones to be a part of it and also take a cut from Amazon’s profit through Kindle.

Last month US retail giant Target declared that it would not sell anymore of Amazon’s device Kindle. Experts say this move was made because Target was afraid that Amazon was becoming a serious competitor in the market in areas other than books also. Proof of this is, last year Amazon launched an application for smart phones which allows udders to scan products in the Amazon store and compare their prices with rival stores.

This is the type of smart computing that is taking Amazon from strength to strength. Amazon might soon create such tie ups with different companies in different countries.

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