Android Jelly Bean VS iOS 6: Who Is Better Than The Best?

Android Jelly Bean VS iOS 6: Who Is Better Than The Best? android 4.1 jellybean 300x187iOS 6 and its features have been announced in the WWDC 2012 while the same can be said for Android v4.1 Jelly Bean at Google I/O. Both the OS’s promise lots of new features and improvements from their previous versions, making the Android vs iOS debate even more interesting.

So we narrowed it down to the 5 new features which both iOS 6 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will be offering to its users for a head on comparison.

Voice Recognition

It was just after Apple’s Siri debut that voice recognition became a part of Google OS too, in the earlier versions of Android, it was known as Google Voice but in the Jelly Bean it has been renamed to Google VR.

Google VR can do some small errands with just a single voice command for instance writing emails, text messages, search for answers of general questions , get directions to a certain place, etc. But what really makes Google VR special is that it can do all that without the need of internet. Google’s also improving functionalities for existing languages and is adding 18 new ones as well as support for Braille.

As for Apple, Siri is coming to the Apple iPad and its main attraction will be “eyes free” map, turn by turn navigation, general information on the current sports events, crowd and traffic condition, etc. Google has an edge over Siri just because of the fact that Siri requires a stable internet connection to convert speech to text while Google VR doesn’t.

Google Wallet/Passbook

Near Field Communication (NFC) has been around in Japan for quite a few years now and lets users pay using their mobile phone. A similar technology is also being tried to be implemented in the US by Google Wallet even though it is still not mainstream till now, Google is rolling the app out in the Nexus 7 and the Nexus Q.

Apple has launched its own Wallet application named Passbook. Passbook lets the user store credit card/debit card information, film ticket information, loyalty cards and coupons. Since it is not NFC-supported, it won’t be replacing your actual wallet but will surely make it lighter.

Apple is getting a win in this category just because it is the only brand with enough power that can convince people to replace their actual wallet with an app.


At the WWDC 2012, Apple announced that iOS devices will no longer be featuring Google maps any more, they said that Apple will replace the Google Maps with their own native maps app and in an attempt to do so they eventually ended up with a app just like Google Maps but with a different name.

Apple Maps feature voice navigation, Flyover(Google Earth with a fancy name) and a total Yelp integration allowing users to view public reviews about a place directly from the map app. Apple maps is also capable of adjusting your route according to time and traffic conditions, whether you’re in a car or on public transport.

It goes without saying that Apple has some nice features to show off in its Apple maps but Google has the edge, as it lets you use maps offline and its interactive view has Compass Mode, which acts like a virtual tour inside local businesses.

“Call You Later”

Google has redesigned and improved its already impressive notification features by letting users send preset email responses to calendar invites from the notification window. These messages usually explain lateness of the user to other attendees.

Apple goes one step further in the similar concept, users can send pre-decided text messages and set an alarm to remind them to return the call as per their own convenience. Surprisingly, this impressive feature is already present in Samsung’s TouchWiz.

Android Jelly Bean VS iOS 6: Who Is Better Than The Best? ios6 e1341250307761 300x143App Stores

Following Apple’s footsteps, Google introduced the world to its own Play Store where users can actually buy digital media instead of just renting them. Google has made it official that users have downloaded more than 20 billion apps from Play’s list of 600,000, but this is still nothing compared to Apple.

Apple is having a little redesigning in the iOS 6, by making its functions better by syncing all iCloud items, making it even more convenient to buy music and other stuff without leaving the app in use. However, even without these improvements it is just impossible for Google to beat Apple in App stores. Lets just say Apple had more time to develop than Google.

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