Another iPhone 5 One Feature That Is Almost Confirmed

Another iPhone 5 One Feature That Is Almost Confirmed Apple iPhone 51 300x180Apple iPhone 5 is yet to have an official release date but internet is filled with rumors and speculations about what the Apple iPhone 5 will have up its sleeve.

Apple iPhone 5 To Feature A 30-Pin Dock Connector

TapScape reported a while back now that, iPhone 5 will come with a 19 pin mini dock connector instead of the traditional 30 pins. However, TechCrunch was the first to report the news, they also mentioned three companies who make accessories for the iPhones. Surprisingly, the three manufacturers were all in agreement with the iPhone 5 19-pin dock port.

In case you are wondering that if the new dock connector of iPhone 5 will support the old accessories of the iPhone 4S like headphones or speakers, then the answer is a strict NO. iPhone 4S accessories can be now be pretty much included in the list of obsolete technologies and will be of no use when iPhone 5 releases. Even though, there has been no official word from Apple till now that whether they will provide an exchange offer for the old 30 pin accessories with the new 19 pin accessories or not, but it is a pretty safe bet that no such thing will happen and the old accessories would have to be ultimately dumped.

As for the cases and protective body covers, most probably they will have to be dumped too especially considering that the iPhone 5 is rumored to have a 4-inch screen and to be a little taller than the its predecessor.

iPhone 5 will face direct competition from Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and Motorola Droid Razr HD which will be roughly in the same price range as itself. The additional accessories cost of the iPhone 5 competitors are very less when compared to the cost of iPhone 5 accessories.

However, it is a true fact that what ever will Apple come out with in the name of iPhone 5, it will sell like hot cakes well just because it is an Apple product which has great fan loyalty.

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