Apple Hiring Developers To Improve Apple Maps?

Apple Hiring Developers To Improve Apple Maps? Apple MapsApple Maps featured in the all new iOS 6 is really a complete mess and now it looks like that Apple has also finally realized that and has decided to hire some new developers for improving it.

Apparently, Apple has been posting many job listings over the past week and most of them have “responsible for MapKit, the iOS framework that displays maps which is used by countless applications on the App Store.” as the job description. So if you are someone who is fed up of the Apple maps or you are a job less developer, the above is surely a good news for you.

Judging from the job description that Apple has posted, the Cupertino based company wants to fix the 3D flyover models, road rendering and “label layout of road labels” in the Apple maps. The job description has also revealed that Apple is planning to create a Three Map Display team which will mainly deal with general maintenance updates and will be responsible for introducing new and creative ideas to the Apple Maps app.

Ever since the first iPhone was officially released in the US back in 2007, the iOS devices have since then featured the Google Maps as the only Maps app but now that iOS 6 has been officially launched, Apple is ditching the Google Maps app for their own Maps app which goes by the name Apple Maps.

It has been already proved in many of the comparisons done and user reviews posted on the internet that Google Maps have an upper hand when compared to the Apple Maps, and this might be the only reason why Apple has decided to update/improve it.

It is also worth noting that, Apple has officially said that Apple maps is a cloud based service and it is still in its initial stages, the more people use it, the better it will get.

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