Apple iPad Mini Rumor tour, Release Date And Tech Specs Discussed

Apple iPad Mini Rumor tour, Release Date And Tech Specs Discussed Apple iPad miniApple iPad Mini has now become something more than just a mere rumor. In fact the searches on Google for terms like “Apple iPad Mini Release Date”, “Apple iPad Mini Tech Specs” and “Apple iPad Mini Rumors” range up to 15000 alone in the U.S. We’ve finally decided post a report which not only discusses the above topics but also topics like Apple iPad Mini price and carrier availability.

Apple iPad Mini Release Date

So far, according to Apple the iPad mini doesn’t even exist let alone its release date. However, if speculations and rumors are to be believed then the iPad Mini will probably make its debut sometime around the release date of iPhone 5 which is expected to be on September 21st.

However, a report on iLounge also suggest that if Apple decides to launch the iPad Mini in September then it may not be ready to ship until November. Nevertheless, a majority of experts believe that even if Apple does not release the iPad Mini on September it sure will launch it or at least will give an official announcement regarding the mystery Apple product.

Apple iPad Mini Tech Specs

The Apple iPad Mini, as understood by its name is supposed to be a mini version of the current iPad which sports a 9.7 inch screen. Obviously, the exact dimensions of the iPad Mini will remain a mystery till it gets officially released, however, some leaks suggest that the Apple iPad Mini would be around 7.3mm thick and will come with a form factor that is 200.13mm tall and 134.73mm wide making it about two-third of the size of the current iPad while being a little thinner.

Apple iPad Mini is rumored to have a 7.85 inch screen which will sport a 4:3 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1024 by 768 and while it is not a rumor from a trusted source, it is only ethical for Apple to gift the iPad Mini with Retina Display.

A leak also suggested that the Apple iPad mini will have an all new 19-pin dock connector which is also rumored to be on Apple iPhone 5. Some engineering samples also suggested that the Apple iPad Mini will have two speakers on either side of the dock connector instead of the traditional one speaker which is present in all the iPads released so far.

Apple iPad Mini is expected to come in several storage options just like all the other Apple products. Apart from all of the above no other tech specs for Apple iPad Mini have been rumored.

Apple iPad Mini Price And Carrier

If The New York Times claims are to be believed then the Apple iPad Mini will be priced less than $499, however, the newspaper fails to provide any exact price.

Experts also believe that Apple would sell the iPad Mini somewhere around the price tag $300 making it a direct competition for low budget tablets like Nexus 7 and kindle Fire.

As for the carriers, the Apple iPad Mini will most probably come with 4G LTE connectivity so it will be a pretty safe bet to say that the iPad mini will come under the brands AT&T and Verizon.

This concludes the report on Apple iPad Mini, feel free to comment your views on Apple iPad Mini release date, tech specs and rumors.

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  1. good_idea

    I was waiting for the ipad mini and willing to pay more for it.
    But if it is just as good or worse display than the Nexus 7 (216ppi) than forget about the mini.

    The Nexus 7 display of 1,280 x 800 with 7 inch screen vs. Ipad mini display of 1024 by 768 with 7.85 inch screen – that’s a terrible comparison and you’re asked to pay more money for the priviledge of buying a lesser Apple display – Wow!

    I will just get the Nexus 7 at a better price point, because I mostly use it to flip thru the net (facebook, youtube).
    Then if the ipad mini finally gets a good retina display in a couple yrs, I’ll look again.

  2. Change_your_idea

    Why do you compare all silly products with Apple? Apple is years ahead than any Android or Windows device.

    It got iOS man… pls don’t compare stupid Android with iPads or iPhones.

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