Apple iPad to Finally Launch in China?

If Sources are to be believed then Apple has received a network access license from the Chinese authorities for the new iPad. According to China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center, an Apple device which supports 3G has been issued the license needed for the company to begin sales in China. The officials never said that the device concerned is iPad but it is a safe guess that since the iPhone 3G version is already available in China so the only device left with 3G connectivity is the new iPad.

Apple iPad to Finally Launch in China? without watermark e1338560662974 238x300The device, listed as “model number A1430″ is compatible with the 3G standard wide band code division multiple access, or WCDMA. The language used by the regulator suggests the device is the new iPad, which has yet to launch in China. Shopkeepers often begin selling new devices within weeks of network access licenses being granted.

There is still no official word from Apple and Unicom, instead they denied all of the above but we are pretty sure such is not the case. No expert can figure out why Apple is so late in the launch of the new iPad in China, even when it is a well known fact that China is second largest market of Apple products, U.S. being the first.

Apple iPad to Finally Launch in China? new ipad with logo 300x225The new iPad is currently available in roughly 90 countries around the world, with the latest addition of Philippines and Guam just yesterday. Based on the information on Apple’s site, it appears that the company has also quietly added Honduras and Paraguay to the list of markets for the new iPad over the past few days.
China Unicom, China’s second-largest mobile operator by subscribers after China Mobile Ltd., has invested large amounts in infrastructure for 3G services. In a press briefing earlier this year the company said it expects its 3G mobile phone business to generate a fortune in 2012, as the ever decreasing availability of 2G tablets and smartphones will force the consumers to switch to 3G one day.

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