Apple iPhone 5: 4-Inch Screen Large Enough?

Apple iPhone 5: 4 Inch Screen Large Enough? apple iphone 52 e1345040771655Apple iPhone 5 has already seen too many leaks, with most of them pointing out a 4-inch screen. So it’s a pretty safe bet that the yet to be released iPhone 5 would actually come with a 4-inch display which obviously will come equipped with the retina display for which Apple is famous for.

However, it does raise a question, will a 4-inch screen be large enough for us? Will it be able to satisfy our hunger for those few extra inches which we always carve for?

If you are an iPhone 4S user, you will most certainly agree with me that even though the iPhone 4S has an unmatched screen quality, the screen size just doesn’t seem to do the enough justice, but if rumors are to be believed that is soon going to change with the 4 inch screen of iPhone 5.

A bigger screen would not only increase the fun of games or watching videos but it would most definitely be also helpful for the rumored Apple native maps application which is said to be packing turn by turn navigation within itself.

However, with the ongoing increasing screen size of Android smartphones will the 4-inch of Apple iPhone 5 will be enough? Well, the answer is most certainly yes. There are many people all around the globe which feel that a screen greater than 4 inches might be good enough for multimedia features but it sure does affect the portability of the device.

Take the Samsung Galaxy Note for example, the massive 5.3 inch screen makes it impossible for you to carry the device in your pocket (specially if you are wearing a tight jeans). The Galaxy Note has to be carried around either in your bare hands or through a special pouch which goes on your belt. Just ask yourself, what’s the point in buying a mobile phone which robs you of your comfort and portability?

However, rest assured the 4-inch Apple iPhone 5 won’t meet the same fate.

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