Apple iPhone 5: 5 Most Believable Rumor Roundup Till Now; Includes Release Date And Tech Specs

Apple iPhone 5 suffers a new rumor every now and then, in fact till date, the yet to be released Apple iPhone 5 has suffered rumors more than any Apple product. So finally we have decided to do a roundup of the 5 most believable Apple iPhone 5 rumors which are possibly true.

iPhone 5 To Feature A Smaller Dock Connector

Around a month back, rumors were in the air claiming that the Apple iPhone 5 would come with a 19-pin dock connector instead of the traditional 30-pin dock connector which the iPhone 4S currently comes with. But according to a report posted on iLounge, the Apple iPhone 5 would actually come with an 8-pin connector and multiple blogs have also reported that not only iPhone 5 but also all the future iPads and iPods will also come with an 8-pin connector.

Apple iPhone 5 Screen Ships Out In August

Apple iPhone 5: 5 Most Believable Rumor Roundup Till Now; Includes Release Date And Tech Specs Apple iPhone 5 300x218We all love the displays which Apple provides in its products and Sharp, a Japanese Company, is behind it. The company is producing screen for Apple iPhone 5 and its president, Takashi Okuda, has said that the iPhone 5 screens would start shipping out in August, even though he never gave any official confirmation of the iPhone 5 release date. It just doesn’t make any sense that Apple would stock up for parts of a product that is going to launch in 2013 so it is pretty safe bet that Apple iPhone 5 has a 2012 release.

Apple iPhone 5 To Come With NFC

A patent application by Apple has revealed that a NFC chip will be embedded into many of the Apple products which will most probably include Apple iPhone 5. The patent goes by the name “System and Method For Simplified Control of Electronic Devices,” and uses NFC as a remote control for televisions, DVRs and other media devices.

Even if we leave the patent thing alone, it makes more sense for Apple both ethically and commercially to provide an iPhone 5 with NFC connectivity specially considering that the Apple iPhone 5 would be in direct competition with Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3 which sports NFC.

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date To Fall In Q4

Verizon CFO Fran Shammo has already hinted during a quarterly conference call that the Apple iPhone 5 would release in Q4. Even though he never said iPhone 5 directly, he said, “Verizon expects to launch a major phone in the fourth quarter.” and what else can be a major phone other than iPhone 5 itself? In addition to that an analyst from Topeka Capital Markets said that the iPhone 5 will likely launch in September. Also according to an analyst from AppleInsider, Brian White, claimed a September launch while mentioning sources from inside Apple’s supply chain in Taipei.

According to a post on 9to5Mac, the iPhone 5 will have 1GB of RAM(the current iPhone 4S has 512MB RAM) and a faster processor. The report also suggested that the iPhone 5 would come with iOS 6 right out of the box, however, the report didn’t said anything about how much faster the processor will be and will the iPhone 5 come with 4G connectivity or not.

This concludes the list of 5 most believable Apple iPhone 5 rumors, feel free to comment your views on the iPhone 5 rumor roundup done above.

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