Apple iPhone 5: Chinese Retailer Taking Pre-Orders Before Release Date Announcement

Apple iPhone 5: Chinese Retailer Taking Pre Orders Before Release Date Announcement Apple iPhone 56Apple iPhone 5 release date is expected to fall in the coming few months but it looks like that the folks at China do not appreciate the waiting time. Apparently a Chinese e-commerce website has put up the yet to be released Apple iPhone 5 for pre-orders.

It goes without saying that all of this is totally unofficial since there is no official word from Apple about the iPhone 5 release date let alone the pre orders. However, this doesn’t meant that it is illegal. Confused? Let us explain, the sellers at the website aren’t going to runaway with your money instead they will deliver the product but when it is made available to the common public and in the meantime the sellers will enjoy the extra money which they will earn.

Sellers on have put up dummies and fake technical specifications of Apple iPhone 5 in order to trick the innocent customers to pre order the smartphone. While some sellers demand a deposit of 1,000 yuan( around $157), more greedy sellers are demanding 7,000 yuan( approx $1100) as a deposit. As expected, none of the sellers are promising an exact release date for the iPhone 5.

Feel free to comment your views on this scam in the name of Apple iPhone 5 pre-orders.

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