Apple iPhone 5 Leaks: NFC Confirmed? [PICS]

Apple iPhone 5 Leaks: NFC Confirmed? [PICS] apple iphone 55 300x193Apple iPhone 5 is seeing new leaks everyday, and today is no different. Apparently, some leaked pictures coming directly from the Chinese assembly line have revealed that as speculated earlier, the next generation iPhone will indeed feature the NFC technology (duh!).

The pictures are originated from, an Apple dedicated blog which has been proved surprisingly accurate in the past. However, before you get your hopes too high, it should be well noted down that unfortunately the blog couldn’t verify the mystery part and has been posted “solely for purposes of discussion.”

When seen at a glance, the pictures look very similar to the many of the already leaked front panel pictures which showed us that the Apple iPhone 5 would be coming with a 4 inch screen, but on a closer inspection it is revealed that these pictures actually do give us new information.

However, what is everybody’s center of attraction is the NFC chip (shown with a red square) which is found just near the iPhone 5′s front camera. If another Japanese blog, MacOtakara, is to be believed then the part shown in the pictures have the dimensions of the current NFC chips.

Apple iPhone 5 will be featuring NFC is also favored by the fact that some leaked pictures have already shown us that the Apple has managed to make just enough space for the NFC chip by exchanging the positions of front-facing camera and the IR proximity sensor.

As for the iPhone 5 release date, it is still unknown so far, but currently the rumor has it that Apple will be playing host to a special event for launching the next gen iPhone which is scheduled to be on September 12. While the release date for US would probably fall on September 21. The international release date is still not known at this point, but it would most probably fall after 2 weeks or so of the US release date.

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