Apple iPhone 5 Pics LEAKED, Release Date Still in Shadows [Prototype]

Apple iPhone 5 Pics LEAKED, Release Date Still in Shadows [Prototype] Apple iPhone 5 leaked pic 3 150x150Apple iPhone 5 still has some time left for its official release date and there has been a rising wave of unconfirmed rumors and speculations. But, this time its different, if GottaBeMobile is to be believed then they have got hold of something what they call “Engineering Sample Photos”.

If the photo is really of the iPhone 5 engineering sample, then we will see an iPhone 5 which will be more thinner, taller and almost the same width as the iPhone 4S. The photos also seem to be in agreement with all the rumors we have heard about the iPhone 5 so far.

As per these pictures, iPhone 5 will most probably feature a 4 inch display which was also claimed by a Japanese blog few weeks back. The iPhone 5 will feature a rear-facing camera on the top-left of the back of the phone instead being in the middle like the current generation iPhone. However, the camera lens cutout appears to be about the same size as of the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 is almost 120mm tall, 58.6mm wide and will be of almost the same thickness. The leaked pics don’t seem to confirm the 19-pin dock connector rumored to be in the iPhone 5, but since all the rumors regarding the iPhone 5 design have been proved to be quite true then most probably this will meet the same fate.

The other rumors associated with iPhone 5 which these pics can’t confirm include a metal back, quad-core processor with the A6 chip, improved front facing camera, 4G LTE data connectivity, NFC connectivity, PassBook app and iOS 6.

It is a pretty safe bet that iPhone 5 will come with the above features but everything is just a mere rumor and speculation until Apple decides to give its official word. Below are the pics which GottaBeMobile claims to be coming “straight from a factory in China”.

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