Apple iPhone 5 Release Date Given Away By Apple Through A Hint?

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date Given Away By Apple Through A Hint? iPhone 5 265x300Apple iPhone 5 release date has always been in shadows because of the lack of official word from Apple and too many rumors and speculations.

A new rumor has surfaced out on the internet claiming that the Apple has already hinted the release date of iPhone 5 during the their iOS 6 release date announcement.

According to folks at Examiner it is almost confirmed that iPhone 5 will ship this fall. The iOS 6 release date will be in the fall as well, so it is very likely that iPhone 5 will launch around the same time.

This would be the ideal opportunity to bring out a new handset as it would be released with the latest operating system.

It is believed that the iOs 6 will come with 200 new features so commercially and ethically it makes more sense for Apple to release iPhone 5 with a newer iOS 6 pre-installed as it would take iPhone 5 ahead from many of its Android counterparts like Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime, which don’t posses the extra features of the new OS.

Apple has already made it official in WWDC 2012 that they will be replacing the Google Maps app on their iOS devices with their own native maps application. So if the iPhone 5 releases with iOS 6, it will probably come with turn-by-turn navigation feature, something which Samsung has always pointed out as a reason for its smartphones being better than the iPhone. The Apple maps app will also come integrated with Yelp check-ins.

At the moment there has been no official release date from Apple and all the above are just speculations, rumors and wild guesses but given that we have always seen a new iPhone launch complemented by a major OS update, we are taking this as a given.

It’s probably safe to say no matter what Apple comes out with, the iPhone 5 will always sell like hot cakes in the market simply because it is, in fact, an iPhone.

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  1. Grant W

    Not an objective article, sorry, but Android had many and more of the iOS6 features like 3 yrs ago. Please do your research ;-)

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