Apple iPhone 5 Release Date Set to August 7?

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date Set to August 7? Apple iPhone 57Apple iPhone 5 has been in the headlines lately due to leaked pics and some speculation about its release date and this time is no different. According to KnowYourMobile, Apple iPhone 5 release date has been set to August 7.

KnowYourMobile stated in an article posted a few days ago, “reliable industry source reveals that the launch will take place via a keynote speech on August 7″.

They also mentioned the fact that the rumor comes in perfect combination with the previous rumor according to which Apple is most likely to shift the iPhone 5 release date from October to August (an October release was also a rumor/speculation).

According to some other leaks, iPhone 5 will most likely come with 4-inch retina display screen, a quad-core processor, metal back, 4G LTE connectivity and will come with some serious design changes. Some sources have also indicated that the iPhone 5 will feature NFC connectivity and will come with a 19 pin dock connector instead of the traditional 30 pin, making all the accessories of the previous iPhone of no use. It is also very safe to assume that the Apple iPhone 5 will come with iOS 6 right out of the box.

As for now, it looks like that the August 7 release date for iPhone 5 might just be a rumor used to play with the media. Whatever the case maybe, we really hope that KnowYourMobile‘s sources are indeed reliable and we get to see the iPhone 5 in the few weeks to come.

On a similar note, there are also rumors floating around that the iPad Mini will also be announced officially on the release date of iPhone 5. It goes without saying that since there is no official word yet or even a clue from Apple, most of the iPhone 5 rumors are just based on common speculations and lack credibility.

Feel free to share your views on when the iPhone 5 release date would fall.

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