Apple iPhone 5 Rumor Release Date Roundup

Apple iPhone 5 Rumor Release Date Roundup Apple iphone 4s and iphone 5 comparison1 150x150Apple iPhone 5 release date rumors have been making rounds of internet ever since the iPhone 5 rumor itself first surfaced. Every time, the rumors only gave a month or a quarter as the release date for iPhone 5, but this time its different, this time rumor has it that the iPhone 5 would release on September 12.

If a report on iMore is to be believed, then Apple is planning to release the Apple iPhone 5 on September 12 and while it might be taken as another rumor, it is worth noting that the blog’s sources has provided surprisingly accurate iPhone release dates previously.

The report also continues to say, that iPhone 5 pre-orders will be starting from September 12 itself, however, the iPhone 5 preorders won’t be shipping until September 21. As for the international sales, the blog expects that the iPhone 5 would start selling in the international market by the start of first week of October.

The iPhone 5 leaked parts in china have so far confirmed some of the iPhone 5 tech specs like the iPhone 5 will be coming with a 4 inch screen, a taller LCD panel, a shorter dock connector and the repositioned front camera. However, the Amp count for the iPhone 5 battery still remain a mystery. While there hasn’t been an leak for the iPhone 5 processor, but seeing the tradition of Apple giving its next iPhone the processor of the previous iPad’s processor, there is a strong possibility that iPhone 5 might actually feature the Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 processor of the new iPad.

Experts are not believing the iPhone 5 September 12 release date just because it is stated by a blog which has been proved to be true previously but also because there are many factors which support the rumor for instance the retail chains like Target and Best Buy dropping the price of iPhone 4S models which might just mean that they are creating some vacancies on their shelves for the iPhone 5.

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