Apple iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup – Part 1

Apple iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup   Part 1 Apple iPhone 510 300x180Apple iPhone 5 has been successful in becoming a hot buzz on the internet in a short span of time and that’s when the iPhone 5 release date hasn’t been declared officially yet. It is due to this popularity that the iPhone 5 suffers too many rumors and speculations from all over the world.

Here is a complete roundup of all the rumors regarding the Apple iPhone 5 which have surfaced till now.

Taller Screen

If you are a true fan of the Apple iPhone series then it is hard to miss this rumor. Recently, a Japanese blog came up with pictures and a video of what they claimed to be front panel of the iPhone 5. The pics revealed that the iPhone 5 would have a taller screen than its predecessor or 10mm to be precise.

Verdict: True

iPhone 5 Release Date Set to August 7

Well, this rumor is being considered as only a rumor since KnowYourMobile(the blog which first reported the story) only mentioned a ‘reliable industry source’ and has already been proved wrong previous year when they published similar story for the iPhone 4S. It is also worth noting that only 2 weeks have been left for the said date and there hasn’t been any confirmation from Apple for the iPhone 5 release date.

Verdict: False

iPhone 5 To Feature Ultra-Thin Display

It is a fact, that whenever iPhone 5 will release, its direct competition will be the Samsung Galaxy S3 or at the very least the two smartphones will definitely be compared. Rumor has it, that the iPhone 5 will feature an ultra thin display, a technology which would make Apple be able to add the touch sensors directly in the LCD hence eliminating the need of a separate layer which was traditionally needed for the sole purpose of touch sensors and making the iPhone 5 thinner.

Verdict: True

iPhone 5 Picture Already Leaked In An Apple Recruiter Video

This is what you might call a result of too much anxiety in the Apple fans. Recently, an Apple Recruiter video got circulated in the media and at around 1 minute mark of the video there was a wall papered with product sheets which media proposed was a mock-up of the Apple iPhone 5. But the video is so unclear that probably no one can make out if the product sheets are of the Apple iPhone 5, iPod or even an iPad.
Apple iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup   Part 1 Apple Recruiter Video

Verdict: False

iPhone 5 To Feature Same Exynos Processor As in Samsung Galaxy S3

Well, this is a rumor which is a little hard to digest, according to it Apple iPhone 5 would abandon the dual core A5 processor of iPhone 4S for a processor manufactured by Samsung which would mean that we might see Apple iPhone 5 to feature the same Exynos quad-core processor which currently Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with.

Verdict: Might be True

Second part of this story will be published tomorrow till then feel free to comment on the above iPhone 5 rumors and do you really think that they are true?

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