Apple iPhone 5 Sales to Worth $30 Billion In First 4 Months After Release Date

Apple iPhone 5 Sales to Worth $30 Billion In First 4 Months After Release Date Apple iPhone 511With the iPhone 5 release date being nearer than ever, iPhone 4S sales are going down faster than a crashing plane. Even when Apple’s standards are considered, the iPhone 5 is truly the product launch of the year.

It is hard to imagine the significance of this single iPhone for not only the world and tech market but also for Apple, for whom the launch of iPhone 5 will be the first major launch since the death of Steve Jobs.

If statistics are to be believed, even if Apple manages to get even a 20% growth in its sales in the fourth quarter of the year after the release of iPhone 5, Apple is bound to sell products worth at least $30 billion and that’s only in the last 3 months of the year. Just to make things easier to compare, this is the same amount of sales which IBM managed to do in the last year’s 4th quarter.

It is also worth noting that the revenue generated by the iPhone series were increased up to 120% in the Q4 last year when the iPhone 4S made its debut in the US market, but the profits started going down by 7% in the next quarter and as of now the profits from iPhone has decreased by 30% compared to what it originally earned for Apple. So it is very clear that Apple has all its hopes in the yet to be released iPhone 5.

According to experts, Apple iPhone 5 main selling point will be the new ultra thin 4 inch display which will use the in-cell technology. The in-cell technology will allow Apple to embed the touch sensors directly into the LCD screen hence scraping off the additional few millimeters which a separate layer needed for the sole purpose of adding touch sensors. It is also being anticipated that the Apple iPhone 5 would come with a display which will me sharper and have more pixel count than its predecessor.

Apple iPhone 5 is also rumored to have a a quad-core processor, metal back, 4G LTE and NFC connectivity and a new 19 pin dock connector. Since the iOS 6 will release around the same time as iPhone 5, it will be a pretty safe bet that iPhone 5 would come with iOS 6 right out of the box.

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  1. rcastro

    Did they say 4″ display? I mean, REALLY?!! I’ve been holding back in getting an iPhone since it first came out, hoping they’ll increase the size of the display. But a 0.1″ improvement is not going to make me go out and buy their latest gadget. I’ve tinkered with all of the previous models though friends and nieces that own the 3.9″ screens and I still think it’s TOO small. Bump it up to 4.3″ and I will definitely consider it a buy.

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