Apple iPhone 5 To Be Released On The Same Date As iOS 6?

Apple iPhone 5 To Be Released On The Same Date As iOS 6? apple iphone e1340814983466 237x300

According to this blog, iPhone 5 will make its debut along with the iOS 6 which means that the release date for iPhone 5 will be this Autumn, and when you think about it, this completely makes sense. iOS6 is expected to have at least 200 new features so it will be only logical to release iPhone 5 with iOS 6, because it will just make everybody clamor for the handset much more.

Another factor which indicates the release of iPhone 5 sooner than expected is the release of Google Nexus in the Google I/O yesterday. The ASUS built tablet does not only feature a quad core processor but also promises to be the first device to feature Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and on top of that Google is offering all that for just $199. So Apple might be afraid that if they don’t release iPhone 5 soon, Apple’s potential customers might get tempted to go for Nexus devices.

On the lighter side of it all, Apple has already made it official that they will replace the Google maps with their own native maps application for iOS devices. The new Apple maps will feature turn by turn navigation, a feature which Android devices have since ages. So its only logical that in order to show off the complete features of the new maps app, Apple will launch iPhone 5 with the iOS 6. It is being said that Apple has already developed a special extension of the maps application for the iPhone 5 which will also feature Yelp integration.

Since there is no clear cut official word from Apple about the release date of iPhone 5, all we can do is just wait for Autumn to close in.

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