Apple iPhone 5 to End Water Damage Claims?

Apple iPhone 5 to End Water Damage Claims? Apple iPhone 52Apple iPhone 5 release date still has some time left but it has already started to get some serious fan following. However, we have a little heart breaking news for these fans especially the ones who love to be around water.

Recently, Apple has got hold of a patent for a procedure by which Apple could tell if the iPhone has suffered water damage or not.

It is a fact that water damage is one of the main reasons that causes malfunction of Apple devices and they are apparently too many false claims which are actually damaged due to water exposure but are claimed as other damages. The procedure includes a mechanism which involves a chemical which gives some sort of indication(probably some sort of color change) on reaction with water.

So if you play fair, then this shouldn’t probably bother you. But if you are someone like me who likes to text while he is doing dishes (or rather do dishes while texting) then it sure is a bad news. Apple’s current warranty doesn’t apply to damage done to the devices by water and most probably Apple iPhone 5 will come with a similar policy. Apple hopes that this patent will probably save them a fortune which they would had to spend on replacing the units which are falsely claimed.

True, that Apple devices survive some light water splashes of water quite easily but they sure can’t survive an under water tour of your bathtub. So, it will be better if you start searching for water proof cases for your future iPhone 5 as soon as you gets your hands on one, however, it will be probably in your best interest of getting rid of the habit of giving your iPhone an occasional bath.

Feel free to share any story with us of how you managed to give a dip to your gadget and screwed up.

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