Apple iPhone 5 To Feature Same Exynos Processor As in Samsung Galaxy S3?

Apple iPhone 5 To Feature Same Exynos Processor As in Samsung Galaxy S3? Apple iPhone 53Apple iPhone 5 still has some time left for its official release date but the sixth generation iPhone is already suffering from too many rumors and speculations.

Recently, a rumor surfaced over the internet which suggested that the iPhone 5 would ditch the dual core A5 processor of iPhone 4S for a quad core A6 from Qualcomm but now another rumor has surfaced according to which iPhone 5 would feature a processor manufactured by the manufacturer who is currently their biggest competitor, Samsung.

So if the above rumor is true then the Apple iPhone 5 will probably feature the same Exynos quad-core processor that currently Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with. The source of the rumor is believed to be tapscape who first published the story of iPhone 5 getting the same processor as the Samsung Galaxy S3.

While an iPhone 5 with a processor like Samsung’s Galaxy S3 might be tempting, experts think that the chances of this rumor to actually be the truth are very thin especially when you consider the ongoing legal war between Apple and Samsung.It is, however, worth noting that Samsung has always been the type of company that can overlook rivalries if it means supplying components to competitors is a move that will benefit the company in the long run. In fact, Samsung is already manufacturing the new iPad’s screen for Apple.

So there is actually a small possibility that the rumor might be true but since there is no official word form either Samsung or Apple, there is no proof to support it. Currently the quad core processor in the yet to be released Apple iPhone 5 is being considered as just as a rumor. As of now, there is nothing more we can do except to wait for the Apple iPhone 5 official release date which is expected to fall in the coming few months.

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