Apple iPhone 5 To Have Battery Problems, Speculated On Forbes Before Release Date

Apple iPhone 5 To Have Battery Problems, Speculated On Forbes Before Release Date Apple iPhone 59 e1342883369798Apple iPhone 5 is yet to have an official release date and every tech blog is filled with rumors and speculations. Apparently, Noam Kedem, the vice president of marketing for Leyden Energy (a battery manufacturer), recently posted a report on Forbes according to which Apple iPhone 5 will most probably have battery problems.

Kedem explained in his post on Forbes that if the rumored features/tech specs of the Apple iPhone 5 like a quad core processor, larger Retina Display, 4G LTE connectivity, etc. are really true then the iPhone 5 might end up in generating a tremendous amount of heat and drawing up too much power.

He further explained that like almost all smartphones, iPhone 5 will also use a lithium-ion battery. While the Li-ion basic chemistry has been exactly the same in the past 20 years, the power demand for the smartphones is ever increasing, which ultimately forces the manufacturers to make the battery bigger in size so that it may contain more chemicals which ultimately leads the phone to be more bulky and heavier.

As a matter of fact, the new iPad features roughly 70% bigger and heavier battery than its predecessor and yet somehow, the new iPad manages only to give a shorter battery life than the iPad 2.

Before you get too disappointed, let us remind you that the Apple iPhone 5 will most probably come with iOS 6 right out of the box, so that means that the new OS might come with a better battery management plan and actually use the limited battery of Apple iPhone 5 quite efficiently.

It goes without saying that since Apple has not given any official word regarding the iPhone 5 tech specs or release date, all of the above are just rumors and speculations and should not be treated rather seriously.

Feel free to comment your views on Apple iPhone 5 to suffer from battery problems.

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