Apple iPod Touch Next-Gen Coming with 4-Inch Display And iPhone 4S Processor?

Apple iPod Touch Next Gen Coming with 4 Inch Display And iPhone 4S Processor? iPod Touch e1343226593381Apple iPod Touch is all set to enter into its fifth generation and according to a report from KGI Securities, this time the Apple iPod Touch will come with a 4 inch display instead of the traditional 3.5 inches and will use the same A5 chip used in the iPhone 4S.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also says that the release date of fifth generation Apple iPod would fall in Q4 and will be coming with the same in-cell touch display technology which the Apple iPhone 5 would probably feature.

It is also worth noticing that according to a Japanese tech blog, the design of the fifth generation iPod Touch will be a little different than that of the iPhone 4S, this time instead of the mirrored stainless steel of the current iPod Touch or the glass back of the iPhone 4S, the 5th generation iPod Touch would be featuring a polished aluminum rear shell and will be a little thinner(if that is possible).

Apple iPod Touch Next Gen Coming with 4 Inch Display And iPhone 4S Processor? Apple iPod Touch 300x249

Since the new iPod touch will be using the in-cell panel, which is hard to manufacture and is more complex than the traditional touch screen panels, it is almost inevitable that the pre-order shipment date will be affected. The report seems more believable when we consider the fact that source has been found surprisingly correct when similar rumors surfaced out near the iPhone 4S and iPod Touch release date.

All the other tech specs of Apple iPod Touch will be same as the Apple iPhone 4S. However, the report source claimed that apart from camera, there will be an addition hole in the lower portion of the rear shell of the iPod Touch. The purpose of this hole is at this point unknown.

Feel free to comment your views on the 5th generation iPod Touch and what do you think the extra hole does?

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