Apple Testing Air Inspired Ultra-Thin Mackbook Pros?

Apple Testing Air Inspired Ultra Thin Mackbook Pros? design unibody2 300x171
Apple’s newly refreshed Macbook Air lineup sporting all new Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt IO can finally compete with the flagship Macbook Pro models in terms of horsepower. You can now get a Macbook Air for roughly the same price as a Macbook Pro with the same specs, which is awesome. So you basically get the same processing power and solid state storage in a sleeker, sexier, lighter design.

Apple Testing Air Inspired Ultra Thin Mackbook Pros? apple macbook pro 2011 5 300x125

In the wake of this, appleinsider reports that Apple may be testing a thinner version of the Macbook Pro, inspired by the Air. Although nothing could be confirmed as of yet, thin and ultra-lightweight designs are included in the ongoing speculations. It seems Apple is planning to move away from bulky, desktop relapcement laptops and introduce more portable 15 and 17 inch models later this year. The loss of optical drives also seems imminent judging by the lack of one in the in new Mac Mini lineup.

It remains to be seen if these new notebooks will be able to perform as well as the current higher-end Pros. They could turn up as early as January 2012.

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