Apple to Utilize Curved Glass for iPhone 5?


Trust DigiTimes to get people abuzz with some news on the upcoming iPhone 5. Thanks to their ever-resourceful tipster, we get an unconfirmed glimpse of what the future phone would look like. According to the report, Apple will ditch regular cover glass the company has used for previous iterations of the iPhone. The future is in curved glass a la the Samsung Nexus S.

Apple’s attempt to move the iPhone 5 into a new territory unfortunately hit an early speed bump – as the high cost of investing in the glass cutting equipment has apparently put off manufacturers. To deal with the slight hiccup, Apple has reportedly purchase glass cutting machines by the hundreds, with the purpose of pushing the production of the curved glass.

For now, the machines are still under vigorous testing – so we won’t be seeing curved iPhone 5 anytime soon.

We’re somewhat unexcited about this particular unconfirmed news. If it’s actually accurate, it’d be interesting to see Apple following Samsung’s route. We wonder if Samsung will try to raise this issue in court to their advantage.

Remember guys, some rumors also said that there won’t be an iPhone 5 this year – but we may be getting an iPhone 4S. Maybe Apple needs more time to fine tune the curved glass technology, which could extend all the way to next year.

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