AT&T HTC One X 1.85 OTA Update Now OUT – Multitasking Still Not Fixed

AT&T HTC One X 1.85 OTA Update Now OUT   Multitasking Still Not Fixed ATT HTC One X To recieve OTA update leaked weeks ago 205x300For all those folks out there with their AT&T HTC One X smartphones, we have a good news for you all. An 11.85 OTA update has already been started to roll out for the AT&T HTC One X.

Many tech blogs reported about a leaked update about a couple of weeks back in the form of an RUU (ROM Update Utility). This is the same update but now in an OTA form.

The update moves the device to software version 1.85.502.3. Earlier users complained that their HTC One X showed as connected to WiFi even when they were miles away, as a result the device auto switch to cellular network failed and the device remained unconnected from the internet for quite a while, but now all of that is fixed with this update.

The update also improves the Wi-Fi throughput (speed increase) to a noticeable difference. After the update the AT&T Address Book bug, which formats the contacts when synched to AAB, also gets fixed. All the above fixes are welcomed by the users, because the update makes the One X much less annoying.

However, this is where the all the good things end. The update does have some issues associated with it like, if you have rooted your HTC One X to unlock its full capabilities then this OTA update would un-root it again and since there are no methods to root 1.85 you will end up with an unrooted HTC One X. However, we are quite sure that some Android developers will come to the rescue soon.

AT&T HTC One X 1.85 OTA Update Now OUT   Multitasking Still Not Fixed ATT HTC One X how to recieve OTA update 300x225Another issue with this OTA update is that it does not solve the multi-tasking “bug” which auto kills any app if left alone for 30 seconds. However, since HTC refers this bug as a “feature” and claims that HTC One X is working just as it should do, this was expected and it is a pretty safe bet that HTC won’t fix the issue even in the future updates.

If for some reason you haven’t seen the update OTA hit your notification bar yet, you can always attempt to prompt it by heading to Settings > About Phone > Software Updates.

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  1. anon

    that’s dissapointing. Returning my EVO LTE tomorrow and going with the GSIII I guess.

    Great feeling phone, but refreshing my apps ALL THE TIME is kiling me. Lose browser, lose songs, messes up games…

    and HTC calls that a feature???

    I REALLY wanted to keep this phone.

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