AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets Minor OTA Update, Removes On-Device Search

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets Minor OTA Update, Removes On Device Search Samsung Galaxy S35 e1342115552298Samsung Galaxy S3 has been in the news recently mainly because of the dispute between Apple and Samsung over the patient violation by Samsung.

Apparently, Apple filed the matter in court, and the judgement came in its favor and hence Samsung was forced to release an OTA update which would remove the universal search functionality from all Samsung Galaxy S3 units currently out in the market.

The OTA update is being pushed out carrier wise, and if you have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 owner, then today it is your turn to get the update. The minor OTA update removes the on-device search options from the S3 but gives a new radio(UCLG1) instead. A similar update has already been pushed out to the Sprint version of Samsung Galaxy S3.

Sprint’s update disguised itself as one of the the Google’ “security update”. We totally understand that Samsung is forced to rob the functionality from the Galaxy S3′s due to court orders but they have lost our trust after applying this dirty trick.

Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with Android v4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich right out of the box. Samsung Galaxy S3 get its lightning fast speed from 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor complemented by the 2GB of RAM. It is features like 4.8 HD Super AMOLED display, and 4G LTE connectivity which makes Samsung Galaxy S3 currently the best available Android smartphone available in the market.

Even though there is just no logical point to download an OTA update which robs your Samsung Galaxy S3 of a functionality however just for the sake of formality, this minor OTA update can be manually downloaded like all other traditional OTA updates by going into Settings>About phone>System update or you could just wait till the update hit the notification bar of your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Feel free to comment on how you feel of this lost functionality from your Samsung Galaxy S3.

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  1. b.imran

    we want an latest developement in the normal phones

  2. Jake

    I just downloaded it. I thought it might be Jelly Bean. I was too hopeful. I never used the universal search but I wish I knew about it before Apple legally took it away. I moved from Apple to Android to get away from their BS. They seem to be haunting me


    Just like any Inferior sore loser – Apple is ranting and raving and stomping up a storm ….. Apple needs to grow up and move on. Apple had their rein for many years now, yet decided to contain themselves in a bubble of their own world – refusing to work with any other major Software Company ……. and now they are being such babies nitpicking at minor features of superior Smart Phones such as the Galaxy S3.

    Companies like Apple go after other companies like Samsung when they are scared and cant handle the competition. Obviously Samsung is doing something right to be worth Apple’s time and money over something so trivial as On-Device search.

    Whats next Apple, are you going o sue Samsung because the Galaxy S3 has an option to come in white just like your inferior iPhone ??? Grow-up and grow a pair Apple …… learn to just acknowledge a superior and all around better product such as the Galaxy S3, and use that as your motivation to better your own in the next version …..


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