AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date And Price Finally Revealed Officially

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date And Price Finally Revealed Officially Samsung Galaxy S31 e1341499617178 188x300AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 release date and price were finally revealed in the official AT&T consumer blog and the official AT&T website.

According to them, the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 is will be on shelves of AT&T retail stores on July 6.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date And Price Finally Revealed

While it has been quite some time since the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been announced in the US, Samsung and carriers are just unable to ship the pre-orders due to the extraordinary demand worldwide. Apparently, US isn’t the only country suffering the delays in shipping date for Samsung Galaxy S3, some other countries like Canada and UK are also experiencing same difficulty for the availability of S3′s.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 release date is far behind than the T-Mobile’s and Sprint’s versions of the phone. However, both the carriers provided a release date for their respective versions and failed so we really expect AT&T to stand up to its word.

The US-bound Samsung Galaxy S3 has replaced the quad core Exynos processor found in the international version for the 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset which is complemented by 2 GB RAM. Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich right out of the box and promises Android 4.1 Jelly Bean before the beginning of 2013.

The S3 flaunts its 4.8-inch diagonal Super AMOLED multi-touch display which is just enough to watch HD movies recorded by its 8MP primary camera. As for the front, Samsung has provided a 1.9 MP secondary camera which is more than enough for video chats.

Samsung Galaxy S3 does not compromise in terms of storage space at all with its 16/32/64 GB internal storage which can be further expanded upto 64 GB with a microSD card. The main difference between the international version and US version of Samsung Galaxy S3 apart from the processors is that the latter supports 4G LTE while the former doesn’t. So basically you will be trading a little of CPU speed for the incredibly fast 4G LTE connectivity.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 16 GB version will come with a price tag of $199.99 and will be available on stores on July 6.

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  1. kayy freeman

    pls, is this the full outright price or on contract terms..??? pls enlighten me more through my e-mail. am in GHANA.. thanks

    • svtgod

      Really you think $199 would be outright price??? That’s contract price. Full outright pricing will be in the $850 range….

  2. Ray

    Obviously it is contract. Full price should be well above $600.00 USD

    $199.99 for 2 year with At&t Wireless

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