Children could suffer Dementia playing Computer Games: Study

Children could suffer Dementia playing Computer Games: Study computer games 300x187A recent study by neurologist suggests children may suffer with ‘dementia’ due to prolong games playing on computer and other gaming platforms. Experts say the browsing habits by your children could lead to ‘temporary dementia’.

According to the study, children are staring for 2,000 hours a year to the computer screens. This may damage their brains, warns scientist.

Eminent neurologist Baroness Susan Greenfield said children spending more time in Computer gaming, browsing Internet and engaging in Facebook socializing could post such brain problem threats.

Speaking at the Dorset conference yesterday she told that unhealthy addiction to today’s technology may literally disable connections in the brain.

Greenfield is a former director at the Royal Institution, oldest research body in the world. She was inaugurating £2.5million science centre at Sherbourne Girls’ School.

She said to the media, “The human brain has evolved to adapt to the environment. It therefore follows that if the environment is changing, it will have an impact on your brain.”

She compared the dangers to the era of 1950s when children were at the health risks of smoking due to lack of awareness.

Greenfield also sighted other symptoms due to screen technologies such as shortened attention span and inclination towards reckless behaviour.

She, however, didn’t refer any research to back up the connection between brain degeneration and screen technologies.

Psychologist and Directory of Nottingham Trent University’s International Gaming Research Unit, Professor Mark Griffiths said he is unaware of any scientific evidence of such a link to exist.

He added, “If anything the fact computer games are arousing can aid education by keeping children engaged.”

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