Daily Use Apps for iPhone 4S iOS 5 Jailbreak

Daily Use Apps for iPhone 4S iOS 5 Jailbreak iOS5 300x150Hello Apple fan boys, so you’ve finally managed to jailbreak your iPhone to unlock its true potential and are now searching for apps to download on your newly jailbreak’d iPhone? Then search no more, below is a list of iPhone Jailbreak apps without which your life would be incomplete.

Bored of the same slide to unlock lock screen then the unfold app is just what you are looking for it replaces the default “slide to unlock” lock screen with a screen like in the image below. Unfold handles the notifications normally and you don’t have to do any extra settings to configure and no home screen button to run it, You just have to install and enjoy!
Daily Use Apps for iPhone 4S iOS 5 Jailbreak Unfold Screenshot Teaser 200x300

2. AutoProtect-
AutoProtect gives you peace of mind with convenience, a combination very difficult to find.You start by putting the SSID of your home WiFi network in the AutoProtect settings panel. If AutoProtect sees that you’re on the qualifying WiFi network, your passcode lock is automatically disabled.
Once you leave the friendly WiFi network range, the passcode lock is then re-enabled.This is a great tool to have if you want the convenience of not having a passcode lock, but still want to protect your information if your phone is lost or stolen( God forbid such mishappenings :[ )
Daily Use Apps for iPhone 4S iOS 5 Jailbreak AutoProtect Screenshot 200x300

3.Image Grabber-
Ever wanted to share a funny pic or a meme with your friends but you just cant do it the right way with the default Safari browser right? Image Grabber saves the day then. It puts a small button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen that will allow you to grab all of the images on the current webpage, which could be easily saved and then shared via Facebook, twitter or any other medium you like.
Daily Use Apps for iPhone 4S iOS 5 Jailbreak Image Grabber Screenshot 300x168

4.DisabledNC Switch-
Doesn’t it irritate you when in the middle of an awesome game you and you unknowingly invoke notification center? DisabledNC Switch is just the right app which disables the Notification Center while in full screen mode, to activate the app all what you have to do is tap a toggle switch in the Settings app. Cool right? you know whats cooler, this App is totally FREE yeah that’s right you wont have to pay for such a simple yet useful app.
Daily Use Apps for iPhone 4S iOS 5 Jailbreak DisableNC Switch 200x300

You must be wondering why Chip has been included in this list when there are already many apps which allows you to customize your notification banners in iOS 5. The reason is simple Chip is way too deeper than them. Chip allows you to customize banner notification background color, text color, border color, and gradient using simple RGB sliders. If you think that was enough then digest this, Chip also includes the ability to customize the notification sound and banner animation. So with the right customization you could make your iPhone just the awesome feel it deserves
Daily Use Apps for iPhone 4S iOS 5 Jailbreak Chip Screenshot 200x300

It was really a difficult task to handpick only 5 apps from such a vast collection but still i somehow managed to do it, feel free to comment if I missed anything.

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