DNS Changer Virus Infects Thousands, More Viruses Could be Inbound

DNS Changer Virus Infects Thousands, More Viruses Could be Inbound DNS Changer 300x168DNS Changer, the Trojan horse malware which has been in the headlines of almost every tech blog, has been almost eliminated. However, security analysts are continuously warning us that there are more viruses we should worry about.

On Monday, FBI removed the safety net which they set up on November previous year to protect more than
55 million PCs running on windows platform and surprisingly there were not many outages reported by people. Without the FBI’s safety net, the above mentioned PC’s would have been cut off completely from accessing the Web.

“A minute after midnight on Monday, some 277,000 PCs, including 64,000 in the U.S., remained infected and at risk as the FBI took down its safety net. That’s a tiny fraction of the billions of Internet-connected computers and mobile devices.” says thetowntalk in its report

FBI says that most of the ISPs were cooperating with them and infact the ISPs themselves were doing all what they could to alert the victims of DNS changer trojan and help to prevent losing their internet.

Johannes Ullrich, chief research officer at the SANS Security Institute, says that the DNS changer is not as dangerous as it was when it was first reported in the previous year. According to Ullrich, most of the anti-virus products currently available in the market are well equipped to take on the DNS changer.

While at the same time, websites like Google, FaceBook and Comcast have been issuing public notices on their respective webpages to the potential victims of the DNS changer. The notices had a link which redirected the victim to www.dcwg.org(FBI approved). The website has links to services which can help the user to get rid of the DNS changer Trojan horse malware.

Another thing worth noticing is that even if you are successful in removing the DNS changer, you still might have to manually repair the “DNS settings”. Which according to Dennis Fisher, editor-in-chief of Threatpost.com, “isn’t that difficult”. He also said that anyone who could find his way through the control panel, changing the DNS settings is just a matter of “clicking through a few dialogue boxes.”

So it looks like the threat of DNS changer is almost over now, however, nothing can be said for future threats like these, because there are hackers which are programming a trojan horse while you are reading this article. The question is, are you ready for it?

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