Droid X to Get Gingerbread Before Droid X2?


Droid X to Get Gingerbread Before Droid X2? Droid X1 300x159Not to get your hopes up, but according to Droid-life, it appears Motorola is brewing something special for the Droid X phone. Some believe that the company is working on a version of Android Gingerbread for the classic phone. Really?

Announcing the possibly good news to members of Motorola Owners’s forum, it’s supposed to be a hush-hush project. It is basically an invitation for Droid X owners to take part in a project. Very vague, we must say.

Maybe, just maybe, the company is trying to give some payback to customers who have made Motorola a household name once again. Plus, rumors of the update have been constantly pouring in in the last few weeks.

If you remember, the Gingerbread update for the phone was apparently approved by Verizon earlier this month – and it was supposed to come on May 13. While that one didn’t exactly materialize, there’s a good chance that the secret project will indeed be of the Gingerbread for the Droid X.

We’re guessing Droid X2 owners won’t be all too thrilled about the Gingerbread update for its older cousin – seeing that the newer phone still runs Froyo. Ideally, the update will apply to both phones – whenever it is coming.

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