Droid X Gingerbread Update to Release On May 13th

Droid X Gingerbread Update to Release On May 13th Droid XGot your hopes up last month to get the OTA Gingerbread update for your Droid X and ended up getting disappointed? Well, looks like it’s time once again to get excited as the Droid X Gingerbread update is expected to release OTA (over the air) on May 13th. We hope everything goes smooth this time around.

The unapproved OTA builds have been leaked on the WWW and many rooted Droid X phones are running them. The reason these builds never got to see the light of the day is because they were either denied or sent back for modification by Verizon (to Motorola).

The latest news is that the update sent by Motorola to Verizon has been approved and will soon be rocking your Droid X (once it is pushed). The update is dubbed as Droid X Blur 4.5.596 and will be released on May 13th over-the-air. If you’re not on the default build then you might have some problems upgrading to Gingerbread and to fix that, you can try the following:

The first method to upgrade to gingerbread from froyo is to sbf you phone back to stock froyo (2.3.340) and await for the upgrade.

The second method involves getting yourself on the proper build so you can receive the offical OTA once it is pushed. You can upgrade to the official OTA if you are running Blur build 4.5.595.

So to get all of you on the proper build and the proper upgrade path you have been provided with the proper blur build 4.5.595. So in the application you are going to find 3 different builds, a fully deodexed build, a fully odexed build, and a stock odexed build (no root, nothing there at al) < —– you will want to flash this one in preparation for the official release build.So when can you get these builds, well we will have to wait until 12:30am EST.So start checking your TeamBlackHat app.None of this would be possible without the work of super secret NINJA, so we all say thank you very much.No we don’t not have a release date from VZW and the build that has been approved for release is subject to change as VZW sees fit.

Might I suggest this? This will definitely help you get on to your Gingerbread build (through OTA), or you can just stop wasting your time and wait for a custom Gingerbread ROM for your Droid X. Your choice!

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