Google Nexus 7 Receives Small OTA Update, Makes Nexus Smoother

Google Nexus 7 Receives Small OTA Update, Makes Nexus Smoother Google Nexus 72 e1342456270707Nexus 7 is yet to be shipped to many of the users who pre-ordered it but it has already seen another small 859KB OTA update.

The update upgrades the Nexus 7′s software build to JRO03D from JRO03C and adds the device’s FCC ID and IC ID to the About screen.

Google Nexus 7 made by ASUS is already selling in the US since its release on last Friday. In fact, you might consider yourself lucky if you managed to get your hands on one through a retailer store. Most potential customers have reported that the Nexus 7 is really hard to find with some retailers since most of the retailers are running out of stock.

As for the UK, release date is 20 July for online purchases while the in-store availability of Nexus 7 will be from 27 July. However, according to Currys the device is expected on 16 July instead of the 19 July date which was originally provided. Ebuyer also had 19 July but it was later changed to 3 August. So if told in a nutshell, currently Google Play Store is the only place to purchase the 8GB model of Nexus 7 for £159. The store claims to deliver the Nexus 7 tablet in 1-2 weeks.

The update does not show a specific change log, so it is not exactly confirmed what this update was for or what has been fixed. However, some users have reported that the Nexus 7 is even smoother now. Like all other OTA updates, this one too should hit your notification bar when you connect to the internet but since it is OTA in nature, it might take a few days to hit your region (or even weeks in some parts). You could always manually pull the update by going to Settings>About tablet>System updates.

Feel free to comment when are you going to get your Nexus 7 delivered.

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