How To Install Android Jelly Bean On Samsung Galaxy S3 [Video]

How To Install Android Jelly Bean On Samsung Galaxy S3 [Video] Samsung Galaxy S3 e1341161085263 179x300Samsung Galaxy S3 has now also made its debut into the list of smartphones which have the goodness of Jelly Bean right now. Apart from the Galaxy S3, international HTC One X has also received a port for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean while the GSM Galaxy Nexus has already received an official version.

faryaab, one of the renown developers of XDA, has released his own Jelly Bean port for the Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 (international version). The port is still in its initial stage so there is still a long list of things that don’t work. Anyhow, it’s best be an optimist rather than a complainer. Here is the list of things which work and which don’t.

What Works:
•Hardware Acceleration
•Notification LED
•Cellular Rado (But No Audio so no Calls)
•Physical Buttons
•Maybe More

What Doesn’t work:
•Maybe more

Since important functions of the Samsung Galaxy S3 like WiFi, camera and storage are still not working, this port is still not ready for daily use but we are pretty sure that it will get fixed in the future releases.

So if you are all set to install Jelly Bean on your Samsung Galaxy S3, even after reading all the things that are not working, just download this file on your S3 and follow the instructions given in the video.

You will be able to use many new features of Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy S3, for instance, offline voice typing, expandable notifications and project butter (faster, smoother and more responsive screen) will all be available in the current Jelly Bean port.

When the final version is out, the lagginess which is in the current port is expected to vanish (considering that the S3 is quad core) and obviously every feature of Samsung Galaxy S3 will be working flawlessly. But as of now you will have to adjust with the current port of Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy S3. The official OTA update of Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to release before 2013 starts, so it is just a few more months left before we see the goodness of Jelly Bean on every Samsung Galaxy S3. However, we expect to see a fully functional unofficial version very soon which will also lead to development of many aftermarket ROMs for the S3.

If you yourself are a developer and want to contribute to this port or want to talk to the developer himself, then head over to the original thread at XDA here.

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