How To Root AT&T/Rogers/Others HTC One X

How To Root AT&T/Rogers/Others HTC One X how to root HTC one X 500x291
If you are wondering whether to root your HTC One X or not let us clear your doubts. Imagine your phone to be a desktop PC phone companies give you access to a “limited account” on your own mobile phone. Which ha- its own pros and cons like if somehow you mess up your phone a few taps would make it just like a new one, but on the other side you wont be able to use some apps which requires your phone to be rooted. So what does your rooting do?

In simple words it gives you “administrator privileges” to you on your phone. As soon as you root your phone factory and/or service provider warranty becomes null and void however most of the methods of rooting can be reversed easily and is not a big deal.

How To Root AT&T HTC One X

This tutorial is for AT&T/Rogers/Others HTC One X owners.

STEP 1–> Download and install the HTC mobile phone drivers.[ windows ]

STEP 2–> Download the file.

STEP 3–> Extract into a directory on your computer.

STEP 4–> Plug your HTC One X into your computer via USB.

STEP 5–> Enable USB Debugging on your HTC One X. Settings >> Developer Options >>USB debugging (checked)

STEP 6–> Double click root.bat/ to run the script.

STEP 7–> Wait for your device to reboot a number of times.

STEP 8–> Enjoy your new rooted AT&T HTC One X.


-Disable HTC Sync when you do this
-Make sure the port is open
-kill existing ADB.exe processes

Otherwise you may get adb server out of date messages and a few other errors.

P.S- If you really go too deep into android firmware and mess it all up there is a fifty-fifty chance of recovering your phone. So be a little careful while dealing with rooted phones.

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