How To Unlock Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Bootloader In One Click

How To Unlock Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Bootloader In One Click Samsung Galaxy S3 pebble blue 300x142Samsung Galaxy S3 from Verizon has already been unlocked, thanks to folks over at XDA. The original thread included a fair number of steps and required a pretty justified time.

However, if you are of the kind who isn’t too fond of Android Debug Bridge(ADB) and still wants to unlock the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 bootloader then this might interest you, there is an app now available in the Google Play Store which can unlock the bootloader in one simple click.

The app goes by the name “VZW GS3 EZ-Unlock (Bootloader)” and requires your Samsung Galaxy S3 to be rooted before hand, but rest assured, the app would unlock the bootloader in just a single tap.

And to make the matter even more interesting, the developer has already announced that there is going to be an updated version of the app which will let you switch between unlocked and locked state with only a tap.

However, before you grab your Samsung Galaxy S3 and start installing the app, it is worth noting that some users have complained that after unlocking the bootloader through this app, the phone battery gets too much heated and gets drained too quickly.

At this point, I don’t think there is a need to mention it because you must be probably knowing that doing stuff like rooting and installing custom ROM’s on your Samsung Galaxy S3 voids the warranty on the spot and the company is no more responsible for damage claims.

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