iPhone 4S Coming to U.S. Prepaid Without Any “CONTRACT” on June 22

iPhone 4S Coming to U.S. Prepaid Without Any CONTRACT on June 22 cricketiphone4 300x300If you live in U.S. and are planning to buy an iPhone then we strongly recommend you to read this informative article. Cricket Communications recently announced that it will begin offering the iPhone on June 22,which would mean that Cricket would be the first U.S. carrier to offer the iPhone on a prepaid basis with no contract.

The service will cost around $55 per month which includes unlimited voice, SMS and unlimited data with a monthly limit of 2.3GB after which the speed of the data connection would be reduced drastically. The iPhone which Cricket would sell will be a little costlier than the iPhone sold with contracts but many people are alright with this small price increase because not only they are free from any contract but they also get the benefits mentioned above.

People willing to buy iPhone 4 from Cricket would have to pay $400 for 8GB model while one would would have to spend $500 for iPhone 4S 16GB model. The prices are a little less than the no-contract phones offered by AT&T. But unlike AT&T, Cricket’s monthly plan is prepaid, which is a real benefit for those who don’t want to get stuck to a single carrier.

iPhone 4S Coming to U.S. Prepaid Without Any CONTRACT on June 22 cricket iphone 271x300Cricket’s $55 per month plan for the iPhone 4 and 4S is actually a nice deal, offering unlimited call and texts. But the real problem is that the “unlimited” data they claim isn’t really unlimited, it comes with a limit of 2.3 GB after which the data speed gets reduced drastically which might be real deal breaker for some but on the other side of the coin there are not many customers who will use more than 1.5 GB in a month let alone 2.3 GB.

Wondering whether to go with Cricket’s iPhone or not? Let us simplify it for you, if you use your iPhone to stream too many videos or download too many apps and musics then this plan is not for you but if you are of the type who uses their iPhone mainly for browsing, social networking and chatting then this plan is perfect for you.

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  1. Will the I-phone be only $55.00 a month prepaid are there any other hidden charges
    I’m interested in buying two of them for me and my wife, what is the cost for the phone
    your website doesn’t say it.

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