iPhone 5 Release Date Set To September 21 – Two Blogs Claim, One Blog Confirms

iPhone 5 Release Date Set To September 21   Two Blogs Claim, One Blog Confirms Apple iPhone 512 e1343916089275 300x236iPhone 5 release date is something that Apple has always been very secretive about and as a result the internet got filled with fake iPhone 5 release dates which were nothing but wild guesses by tech blog owners to gain a little publicity.

But somehow this time the September 21 release date for iPhone 5 seems believable because a french blog and an English blog have claimed the same release date for iPhone 5 and infact one of them have now confirmed the news.

Apparently, two blogs which go by the name App4Phone(French) and PhoneArena(English), have claimed that the mysterious Apple iPhone 5 release date would fall on September 21. While the former hasn’t reported anything about the said topic the latter claims that their source for the iPhone 5 release date rumor was from an iPhone accessory maker or as they like to say “an employee working for a large U.S. retailer.” and since the Chick-Fil-A has been in the news lately, it will be safe to assume that the large US retailer is indeed Chick-Fil-A.

While on the other hand, the report on french blog apart from claiming September 21 as the iPhone 5 release date also predicts that the previous iPhone 5 rumors are also true. For instance, the headphone jack in iPhone 5 will now be at the bottom of the phone, the iPhone 5 will be a little taller and then finally 4.0 inch “écran”. Now the last part is being interpreted by many people differently, some say that the iPhone 5 would come with the rumored 4.0 inch retina display, others are of the opinion that Apple iPhone 5 would ship with a 4-inch “E-Crayon” stylus. I don’t know, I don’t speak French.

So at the end of the day it all weighs down to what you want to believe, because such iPhone 5 release dates have also been published by many tech blogs just for the sake of cheap publicity but nevertheless it is a pretty safe bet that even if the iPhone release date isn’t September 21, it would atleast fall somewhere near it.

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