iPhone 5 Ultra-Thin Display To Rival Samsung Galaxy S3?

iPhone 5 Ultra Thin Display To Rival Samsung Galaxy S3? Apple iPhone 58Apple iPhone 5 is one of the most waited smartphones of the year. It is anticipated that the iPhone 5 release date would probably fall in the coming few months and we are already seeing some rumors surfacing out.

It is a known fact that iPhone 5 will be a direct competition for Samsung’s latest flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S3 and it looks like Apple is in no mood to taste defeat. Rumor has it, that the Apple iPhone 5 will feature an ultra-thin display to take on the Galaxy S3.

For the non-geeky Apple fans out there, who don’t know what an Ultra-Thin Display is actually like and what difference will it make to the iPhone 5, the few lines below will help to clear the doubt. These displays will be based on the in-cell technology which includes addition of touch sensors directly in the LCD hence eliminating the traditional touch screens which needed a separate layer for the sole purpose of touch sensors.

The elimination of the additional layer would scrape off half a millimeter from the iPhone 5′s width and apparently the new display would also be more sharper and clearer than the screen of current iPhone(if that is possible).

It is also worth noting that the S3 features a 4.8 inch display as opposed to the the 3.5 inch display of the current generation iPhone, but it still somehow manages to be lighter and be of less width than the iPhone 4S. So it becomes more ethical and logical for Apple to make the iPhone 5 to be lighter and make it of lesser width.

Even though there are many benefits of the in-cell technology, the only downside is that the screens equipped with in-cell technology are harder to manufacture than the traditional OLED screens and hence not many companies prefer to use them but again, it is Apple we are talking about which will do possibly anything to make the iPhone 5 stand up to the iPhone series name.

Feel free to share your views via the comment box below and tell us that do you really think that the iPhone 5 will come with a Ultra-Thin Display or is it just more of these rumors which we witnessed when the iPhone 4S release date neared previous year.

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