Is That Motorola Droid Bionic Making Its Way to FCC?

It has been a long and winding road that’s filled with delay and rumors of cancellation, but Motorola Droid Bionic finally made its way to the hands of FCC.  While reports didn’t explicitly mention the Droid Bionic, this is what most assumed from what information can be gathered.

Is That Motorola Droid Bionic Making Its Way to FCC? Droid Bionic FCC

The device in question, which has just received the green light from FCC, is of a cellular communications device from Motorola with EVDO and LTE 700MHz radios. The device comes with WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as an inductive charging battery.

There’s really not much else to decipher from the image, but rumors seem to point that the Motorola Droid Bionic may ship with a huge 4.5-inch screen. Coupled with the LTE information above – this should make the Droid Bionic a worthy adversary to Motorola’s own Droid 3, which will hit stores on July 14. The latter, in case you missed the memo, will not be shipping with 4G LTE. We guess it’s all about options – much like what Samsung is doing with its Galaxy series.

As for the supposed shipping date of the Motorola Droid Bionic, people are expecting Motorola to divulge some of that information next month. Until then, we will keep this phone under our radar.

[via engadget]
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