Is We Are Family a Remake?

Is We Are Family a Remake? We are FamilyWe Are Family is all set to release on September 2. Siddharth Malhotra said that they bought the official rights of Hollywood movie Stepmom, the film is not a remake but an adaptation.

“Though the soul of the film is same, we haven’t taken the film related stories (Stepmom) scene by scene. In We are Family, Kajol and Kareena’s character stay in the same house, which is not the case in the original film,” Said the director who was promoting his film at Waves Cinema, Noida. And added “So the film is not a remake, but an adaptation,”.

We Are Family The filmmaker has definitely worked hard on the film as it reflects on his weight. “I’ve lost 40 kgs. I was 120 kg earlier and now I’m 80 kg. I’m Kareena’s second cousin. I’m inspired by her.” Adds Kareena naughtily, “Or probably it’s the size zero effect.”

We have to wait 8 more days for this movie. Release date was changed same days ago.

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