Lava Unveils Lava A16, A Unbreakable Phone At Rs 4500 Only

Indian mobile manufacture company Lava introduced A16 in domestic market, its a unbreakable phone by Lava at Rs 4500 only.

Lava Unveils Lava A16, A Unbreakable Phone At Rs 4500 Only Lava Unveils Lava A16 A Unbreakable Phone At Rs 4500 OnlyThe phone had a features a 3.2 megapixel camera coupled with a 2.6-inch high resolution screen and social media applications which allow the user to connect to Facebook. The phone is equipped with additional privacy settings that allow the user to lock SMSes and pictures.

Sunil Raina, chief marketing officer of Lava mobile said,”As a strategy, the phone is targeted to capture the fast growing youth market. This is a niche phone product for us”.

According to Raina, the phone was developed at a cost of $4.5 million at the company’s research and development facility in China. He added,”The software component has been sourced from India, but the physical structure and styling has been developed at our R&D centre in China in a period of seven months.Overall, we expect the sale to be around 1.5 million for the next three quarters. For the next quarter it should be around five-six lakh units”

The company also launch Android-based smartphone and is 3G tablets soon.

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