Motorola CEO: Droid Bionic and 4G LTE Xoom Coming in June

Motorola CEO: Droid Bionic and 4G LTE Xoom Coming in June Droid Bionic 300x241For a company that helps catapult the popularity of Android phones – and the Droid series – to its dizzying heights in the US, Motorola Mobility hasn’t enjoyed the same level of success with its newer offerings in the market; partly because other phone makers have steadily raised their game and catch up, and partly due to Motorola’s own doing. The moment of truth for Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha came as he lead the company’s Q1 earning calls and answer questions about – among other things – the delayed of the highly anticipated Motorola Droid Bionic.


On the topic of the Motorola Droid Bionic delay, as it was supposed to launch this May, Sanjay said that initially the Droid Bionic had some 4G issue that still needed to be ironed out. Apparently, the company isn’t the only one to blame for the delay – because Verizon also partially played a role. Then Motorola saw features from another of the company’s device that they thought would be great to see on the Droid Bionic. Hence, further delay of the phone.

We’re still not certain whether or not it will still retain the same Bionic name. It’s possible that we’ll see the oft-rumored Targa to replace its place instead. Funnily, Motorola has all but erased any traces of the Droid Bionic on its website.

He assured that both the phone and 4G LTE model of the Xoom will see the light of day in June. Doesn’t seem too bad, folks, since June is just right around the corner.

Those who have been waiting to hear confirmation about the launch date of 4G LTE Xoom can now sleep soundly. We sure hope that Motorola has learned a thing or two about not pricing their tablet on the steeper side of things.

[via Droid-Life]
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  1. Steve D

    in june?! the bionic?! i’m so happy i’m about to cry!! yesss

  2. BionicWoman

    Where — oh where — in the Droid-Life article you reference, Abhijeet, does it say June? It says summer several times, but not June. Where’d that come from? I’m praying you spoke to Sanjay personally, but somehow I doubt that.

  3. BionicMan

    Yeah, no mention of June. What the hell are you talking about?

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