Motorola Droid 4 Review, Living up to the Droid Series Name

Motorola Droid 4 Review, Living up to the Droid Series Name motorola droid 4 verizon wireless reviewThe original Motorola Droid was the true smartphone. It changed the game by giving Android to the masses, complete with a rock-solid Verizon network connection. But the question is, does the Motorola Droid 4 really live up to the Droid series name?


Motorola Droid 4 looses a point in design due to lack of originality. After getting even a glimpse of Motorola Droid 4, one could definitely see the inspiration from Droid Razr and Razr Maxx. while it might be irreverent for many users about how much their smartphone looks similar to other smartphones, some users( including myself) like to hold something in their hand which has a little exclusivity.


This massive handset measures 5 inches tall by 2.65 inches wide with a full thickness of half an inch. Weighing 6.31 ounces. So frankly speaking, if you are used to carrying a light phone, then the Motorola Droid 4 might feel like a small piece of rock in your pocket. One really odd design choice is the Droid 4′s battery compartment. The phone’s battery is not removable, like the Droid Razr’s, but you can access it by using a special pin, which looks somewhat like a reset button.

Motorola Droid 4 Review, Living up to the Droid Series Name motorola droid 4 querty keyboard 300x212The Qwerty keyboard is a delight in Droid phones but in Droid 4 takes the crown among all the members of the Droid series. The keyboard slides with such an ease and fluidity that it practically takes a little push for the keyboard covers it all up in terms of toughness. The phone is so tough that it is nearly impossible to break it by just dropping it. In fact it is so tough that the only possible way to break it is through a hammer.


Motorola Droid 4 runs on Android version 2.3.6 GingerBread, upgradable to ICS. However, one would have to wait till summer’s start to get their hands on the ICS update. The software is more or less the same as the previous droids. You’re still given access to the same five homescreens, but sadly there’s no ability to reduce or add more homescreens as needed. Even the app drawer’s remained unchanged. As you might expect, the Droid 4 comes with way too many pre-installed apps than actually needed and the worst thing about them is that you can not uninstall them( not without rooting), so you end up with a portion of your valuable space taken by apps you will never really use.


The Droid 4 has a 4 inch capacitive touchscreen, while not AMOLED, the screen’s quality pretty average. Droid 4 gets its lightning fast speed from 1.2GHz dual-core processor alongwith 1GB of RAM. Droid 4 has an internal memory of 16 GB which can be expanded to 32GB more through a microSD card. Motorola doesnt disappoint us in terms of photography at all with its 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash primary camera. While for the purpose of video chatting Droid 4 comes with a 1.3 MP front camera. Both the camera are capable of shooting HD videos.

But what really sets Motorola Droid 4 apart from the crowd is that it supports 4G LTE. Currently the company charges $20 per month for its 4G services which is justified when one compares it with the speed which the network provides.

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If you are one of those several people who made their debut on Android platform through the original Motorola Droid then you can go for it for the old times sake or else i would highly recommend you to wait till the ICS update, because till then some other Android smartphones in the same budget segment will also be out, so there will be a lot of handsets to choose from. Plus many experts also believe that Motorola is likely to decrease the price in the coming time because of too much competition.

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