Motorola Xoom Finally Getting Jelly Bean Update Officially After Beta Testing

Motorola Xoom Finally Getting Jelly Bean Update Officially After Beta Testing Motorola XOOM WiFi e1343401587759Motorola Xoom users were initially sent out invitations via E-Mail for the beta testing of Jelly Bean update on their Motorola Xoom and it looks like that finally the beta phase is over and the Jelly Bean update is being pushed out to all the Motorola Xoom WiFi devices.

The Beta version of Jelly Bean for Motorola Xoom WiFi was a simple minor release with a few bugs and a lot of scope for improvement. The testers were finally asked yesterday if the Jelly Bean update was mature enough to be rolled out to all the Motorola Xoom users and a considerable majority of people answered with a yes.

There are a lot of features added to Motorola Xoom after the Jelly Bean update, for instance better responsiveness (thanks to Project Butter), redesigned Google Search specially for tablets which comes with a new look, widget customization easier than ICS, improved gallery app for simpler photo viewing and better sharing options, improved keyboard which is surprisingly too accurate in predicting the next word without the need of data connection and offline text to speech.

Your Motorola Xoom will also be able to do the voice search much better after the update and the notification bar has seen some major design changes allowing users to see the a more elaborated view of the notifications.

There has been no official word that when the Motorola Xoom 3G and 4G version would get the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update but rumor has it that we might seeing the update in the next few weeks. So if you are still with the stock version of Motorola Xoom WiFi then it is time to hit the settings and taste some Jelly Beans.

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