New Apple iPad Mini Prototype Pics LEAKED

New Apple iPad Mini Prototype Pics LEAKED iPad Mini Leaked Pic 1 150x150Up till now Apple iPad mini was being considered just as a mere rumor, but if GottaBeMobile is to be believed then they have got hold of something what they refer as “New iPad Mini Engineering Sample Photos”.

The photos so far confirm every previous rumor (or leaks) which the iPad Mini has got so far. The pics reveal that the new iPad Mini will be thinnest of all the previous Apple iPads yet. The leaked pics also reveal that the new iPad Mini will feature a 19 pin dock connector which is also rumored to be in the yet to be released iPhone 5.

The leaked pics also show that the new iPad Mini will come with 2 speakers instead of the traditional 1 speaker which the current iPad features. By moving the speakers to surround the smaller dock connector and flattening the edge, there is a possibility that the iPad mini might be a little louder than the current iPads.

Even though the images don’t show the exact dimensions of the new iPad Mini, folks at GottaBeMobile managed to use Photoshop and predict an estimate size of the new iPad Mini. According to them, the new iPad Mini would be around 213.36mm tall and about 143.67mm wide making it about the two third of the new third-generation iPad and around 23.67mm wider than the Nexus 7.

The iPad Mini sample does not have any marks or clues for the display size, but according to other rumors, the iPad Mini will most probably have a 7.85 inch screen. Which is also rumored to be an ZGO display from Sharp.

Other rumors related to iPad Mini include a $299 price tag, 16 GB of internal memory, 4G LTE connectivity and an October release date alongside the iPhone 5.

Below are the pics which GottaBeMobile claims to be from a “trusted source inside the Apple supply chain”

Feel free to comment about the leaked pics and what tech specs you feel or want the new iPad Mini to have.

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