New Trend: Banking on iPad and Kindle Fire Like Tablets

New Trend: Banking on iPad and Kindle Fire Like Tablets mint tablets 300x206Tablet banking is a phenomenon which has been on the increase over the past few years. It means that mobile banking is increasingly shifting from Laptops, mobile phone and personal computers to tablets. Many applications have been launched in this regard and the new generation has caught on to this trend of tablet banking like wild fire. With the advent of popular tablets such as the iPad and Kindle Fire, more fuel has been added to the fire.

A study was recently conducted by Javelin Strategy and Research has shown that tablet users are becoming more and more aware of tablet banking and are using it. This has also been due t the launch of Amazon’s Kindle Fire late last year. There was a shortage of banking applications for the device which is based on the Android Operating system which was all very good for the most popular tablet in the world, Apple’s iPad. The iPad has a host of applications which allow online banking.

Users have been showing the trend of inclining towards tablets for their online banking needs for quite some time now. A survey conducted last August by Fiserv shows that 40% of the world’s online households could have a tablet amidst them by the end of the year 2012 and the numbers of on

New Trend: Banking on iPad and Kindle Fire Like Tablets iPadAccountSummary 300x238

line households currently are 96 million. Out of the people who currently own a tablet, 45% have made it clearly known that they would like to use their tablets for online banking.

Even after such stats have been stated many a times over, banks across the world have been very slow in releasing applications for such tablets making their consumers frustrated. Of many who have launched their own applications for tablet based online banking, there still are many bugs in this system which makes the usage of these applications very tiresome. Banks should tap this tablet market which has become very popular due to today’s tech savvy generation which always looks for quick and easy methods for completing their work and what other than a device that takes care of all your needs.


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