Nexus 7: 5 Cons To Know Before You Order

Nexus 7: 5 Cons To Know Before You Order Nexus 7 Tablets 300x185Google Nexus 7 has always been considered a cheap and yet not at all quality compromising tablet. However, there are a certain deal breakers which you should know before ordering your ASUS built Google Nexus 7.

Incompatible Apps On Google Play For Nexus 7

When considered the fact that the Nexus 7 features a quad core processor and on top of it, the Nexus 7 comes directly from the Google factory and yet somehow, there are a number of apps that are not supported on Nexus 7. For some people, it might not be a big deal, but for me it just shoots my blood pressure up when I see an app specially optimized for Android tablets not working on Nexus 7.

The worst part is that users won’t be able to know whether the app is supported or not until you download and then install the app on Nexus 7 itself, the app will then show some sort of error message and then in most cases force crashes.

While there is a long list of apps that don’t run on Nexus 7, the two apps which are being missed by the Nexus 7 users are Nest Learning Thermostat and Yammer

Nexus 7 Games Download Problem

Nexus 7′s quad core processor undoubtedly deliver a nice gaming experience and in fact sometimes provides a better gaming experience than many of the high end Android tablets.

Few games like Max Payne, ShadowGun THD and Grand Theft Auto III only download a very slow portion of the file from Google Play Store. Once the file is installed, first time users will be prompted to download additional 700 MB to 1.80 GB data which sometimes is a really a pain in the arse, specially when you buy the game and don’t know how much space is needed.

It is also worth noting that some games like The Dark Night Rises does not need to download anything additional other than the file from Google Play Store.

Another common issue which users have often reported is that the downloads don’t always complete in the background and often require multiple attempts to complete.

Nexus 7 Display Quality Issues

Believe it or not, there are actually chances that your future Nexus 7 might be one of those few faulty Nexus 7 pieces which some unfortunate users have often complained about. Apparently, some users are complaining that their Nexus 7 display quality control is shoddy, glass separating from the tablet and being able to hear the adhesive ‘let go’ of the glass.

Users have also reported that touchscreen isn’t working properly on some Nexus 7 devices.

Useless Dock Connector

Just like its predecessor, the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 also has a four-pin dock connector, which is practically useless for now.

ASUS is rumored to be developing an audio dock that will charge the Nexus 7 and allow users to listen to audio via a line-out function. However, an accessory like this is anticipated to have at least 1 month for its release date. As for now, the dock connector is useless because there are no additional accessories available.

Sub Par Customer Service

Undoubtedly, Google has emerged as a successful business over the past few years but before the Nexus series Google wasn’t exactly selling anything. Almost all the people who managed to get their hands on Nexus 7 through pre orders complained about the shipping done through Google, poor return experiences and not being able to exchange defective units due to shortages.

Customer service is all virtual and problem units purchased via Google Play need to be returned directly to Google. Even calling for support is a sure test of patience.

So if told in a nutshell, it is ultimately you who has to decide that whether to take your chance by overlooking all of the above cons of Nexus 7 and go for the quad core processor which it offers just for $200 or maybe wait till all the faulty Nexus 7 tablets sell out and ASUS starts to manufacture new Nexus 7 units which are free from all the cons mentioned above.

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  1. David Barritt

    One major down point is that there is no flash support. The chrome browser does not support it either. Google (no temporary work around) and Adobe not interested. They are waiting for the various websites (and there are many, many) to change video control to HTML 5. I leave it to you to work out how long that will take.

  2. C.Rogers

    Another downside is no msc USB mode, so the Nexus 7 cannot be used like a USB mass storage device. This was the biggest downer for me. I still use the tablet all the time with drop-box sync, which largely replaces the need to wire-transfer files. There are a lot of nice surprises, though, one of my favourite being able to use a PS3 controller with various games, like asphalt 7 without any root (just a standard USB otg cable). I also wish it had a front -facing camera for capturing the whiteboard during lectures, and scanning qr codes. i use my phone for this, so its no big deal. More than replaces any e-reader, and fits in my cargo trouser leg pocket or jacket. Awesome for the price.

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