Nexus 7 Official Cover Now Available At Google Play Store

Nexus 7 Official Cover Now Available At Google Play Store Google Nexus 76 e1343401934744Google Nexus 7 tablets availability has always been scarce ever since its release date and even more scarce are Nexus 7′s accessories. As of yesterday, the official cover for Nexus 7 tablet was stated as ‘out of stock’ on the Google Play store but now it is available for order.

The official covers for Nexus 7 were initially made available around the same time as the Nexus 7′s release date but within a few hours the product was declared out of stock only to start selling again today. Those lucky folks who managed to get their hands on the Nexus 7 official cover have commented on many forums that the cover does its job very well and they don’t have to worry of their Nexus 7 screen getting scratched or the back getting all scuffed up.

Nexus 7 comes with a Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A9 processor complemented by 1 GB of RAM and is among one of those few devices in the world which feature Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. As revealed by its name, Google Nexus 7 has a 7 inch LED-backlit IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels. Apart from features like 4G LTE and NFC connectivity, the reason why Google Nexus 7 manged to get so many pre orders was mainly because of its $200 price tag. However, its only downside is that Google Nexus 7 comes with only 8/16 GB of internal memory which can’t be expanded through a microSD card.

The Nexus 7 official cover comes with a price tag of only $20 with an additional $10 charged for shipping and as usual it would take around 2-3 days time for the Nexus 7 cover to reach your home. We are not sure that this time till how long will these covers last might be a day, week or Google might run out of stock again at this very minute so better order your Nexus 7 cover right now.

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    how and where do you order the cover

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